Jewellery design

-a magic tale ....


Custom design created in a rough tougher style with part of recycled material.

The raw is the crust that returns in my life in different shapes so it was a natural choice to choose that name for my design. Hope it will fall in the taste. Rawen is found in the deep forests in the north of a small town called Skogså utanför Boden. In the vicinity of nature around the knot, neither is anything created from whim and inspiration. Nature and animals make me warm about the heart. I am certified and also a jewellery teacher. I have classes when ever time lets me.

Certified PMC

Deep in the forest there is a casel, hidden from every one where the witches lives, whos purpuse is to help human and creatures of the forest...

Art school

Sunderby konstskola

Art scool in the north part of sweden.


Educated photographer and chef, I got a lot on my plate ;)